Patricia Stupfel

I have been asked to provide a letter of reference for Alma Marianos whom I have known for approximately 10 years. She has been my daughter’s piano teacher for 6 of the past 10 years and was the pianist for a community chorus in which I sang. Alma is a dedicated teacher who focuses on the joy of music while providing a structured, safe environment to explore piano.

Alma is adept at “reading” her younger students and uses different teaching methods to help keep students attentive to maximize their learning potential. During the first years of my daughter’s piano lessons with Alma, I recall she would have my daughter stand up in the middle of the lesson and practice rhythms by walking around in the room. Alma has experience in teaching piano to all ages of students, not just children. She is excellent at adapting to different styles of learning.

Alma is always professional, upbeat, and friendly. When I asked my daughter to describe Alma she said, “She’s like another mom to me.” Alma teaches life lessons along with music appreciation and piano theory. Alma would be an asset to any piano/music organization.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like further reference information.


Patricia Stupfel

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