Tau Hernandez

It is truly an honor to author this letter of recommendation for Alma Marianos. Alma is an exceptional piano instructor of the rarest kind and I hold her in high esteem.

I first met Alma ten years ago when my seven-year-old niece, Mae, was searching for piano instruction. Mae was encouraged to initiate this search and so she did, collecting names in the Salem area. Upon Mae’s request I set up our first meeting with Alma, and Mae had unequivocally found her teacher. For five wonderful years, Mae was fortunate to have private tutorials, further enriched with group sessions, all the while participating in recitals and competitions. Indeed, it is a source of great pride for Mae, and her family, that Alma successfully guided her through these performances, especially while earning “superior” ratings for all of her performances at the National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals.

After these five delightful years Mae attempted to find another teacher since Alma was called away to London, England. This second search proved to be futile in finding any match on a par with Alma. But then Mae heard that Alma had returned to Oregon. Alma is once again Mae’s piano teacher, and Mae couldn’t be happier.
Alma is, without a doubt, one of the finest piano instructors one could hope for. Her vast musical knowledge and love of the musical arts combined with her genuine commitment to her students makes her instruction particularly profound. Alma’s awareness of and familiarity with international music and cultural arts provides for an enriched understanding and appreciation within the teacher/student relationship.

Alma’s professionalism is without reproach. She creates a respectful and supportive learning environment encouraging the participation of the student in decisions involving the learning process. Mae has been empowered by being actively involved in charting the course of her study, enhancing her intellectual growth and maturity. In addition, Alma’s contention that the student’s study should be a labor of love, not of meaningless toil, is well received. This simple concept is often lost on many instructors, although I find this of paramount importance, particularly in the instruction of the arts. I find this outlook and approach essential for inspiration and motivation. Clearly, Mae’s continued interest and success is a testament to Alma’s method.

Alma’s abilities as a teacher are numerous and extremely varied, broadening her potential student base. Alma is supremely skilled, patient and adept, enabling her to instruct the beginner or seasoned professional pianist, of any age. Personally, I have witnessed Alma, with her immense kindness and ingenuity, draw out the most reticent student enabling them to shine in the limelight. It is truly a very beautiful thing to behold and I only hope that more students have the opportunity to experience this inspirational and caring instruction from Alma.

Alma has the ability to prepare and enable her students to realize their full potential as musicians while wholeheartedly enjoying the entire journey. I enthusiastically and emphatically recommend Alma Marianos as a spectacular piano instructor. Should you have any questions you wish to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Tau Hernandez

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